Should You Repair Your Air Conditioner or Just Replace the Unit?

What Problems are You Having with Your Air Conditioner?

There are certain occasions when the Air Conditioner becomes faulty and deciding whether to fix it or just replace it becomes a tough decision to make. It is advised to repair your Air Conditioner when the issue is just minor and can easily be fixed without costing much, otherwise replacing it will be the right thing to do.

Replace or Repair Depends on the Situation

Some air conditioner issues can be repaired but in some cases, it is quite preferable to replace the old system with a new one. Below we will explore some of the problems that most homes using an air conditioner encounter; we will discuss some problems associated with the air conditioners and also suggest the appropriate times when replacement of the system is the best course of action or when a repair should suffice. Air conditioning repair should only be done when the parts are very expensive and it will cost just a little to fix.

When the air conditioner isn’t cooling the home then it is most likely that there is no cold air coming out of the supply register. Or most likely the system can’t come on at all. This may be due to some of the following problems:

  • Blown transformer: a bad connector in the outdoor unit may cause the transformer to blow and it is right to replace both the bad contactor and the burnt transformer. When it is noticed that the problem wasn’t caused by a bad contractor, then it is important to check the wiring to see if any issue needs to be addressed.
  • Blown Fuse: this fuse connects to your thermostat and when it goes bad the best thing to do is to replace the old one with a new one.
  • Clogged condensate line: If you have a blocked condensate line, water will normally pool up and then trip the float switch of your system. The system will shut off completely until the drain line is unclogged and cleaned up.
  • Failed Capacitor: you’ll find at least two capacitors in most outdoor units. One is the start capacitor and then the run capacitor. They could both fail at the same time. When they fail, the air conditioning won’t work, and inviting an HVAC expert to fix it is the best course of action.
  • Low refrigerant levels: this issue can be repaired but in some cases, a replacement is the best option. When there is a leakage at the refrigerant valve the issue can be fixed by tightening the valve. In some other situations, the refrigerant line set can be brazed to fix the leakage and then recharge the system with a refrigerant. There could also be situations where fixing a refrigerant leak is almost impossible and only a replacement can be done.

Maintaining The Air Conditioning System.

Good maintenance helps to prevent any case of repair or replacement. Ensure you do everything you can to keep the system in order and prevent any need to repair the AC. The only time when replacing your air conditioning systems is advised is:

  • When your system uses an R-22 refrigerant and leaks. Recent Air conditioning systems do not make use of an R-22 due to certain prohibitions. It is advised to change the R-22 air conditioner when the pump has a leak. Getting an R-22 may be too expensive and so it is better to replace the air conditioner when you are making use of an R-22 refrigerant and it has a leak.
  • The compressor of the AC failed. Most times when the compressor of the AC dies and it’s out of warranty then it is best to replace the air conditioner entirely.
  • The existing system has been used for about 12 to 15 years. Very old systems would have worn out and the overused parts may keep failing even after they have been fixed. So the best action to take is to get a new air conditioner.
  • There is a need to conserve energy. Most homeowners may become concerned about the impact of their energy consumption on the environment. Also, the need to save money on utility bills may mean that one gets a new air conditioner in order to save the cost of constant fixing and maintenance.
  • You already have plans to replace either the AC as it is already old.
  • Repairing the AC is now too expensive. Similar to using an old car, at some point, it may get very expensive to replace some parts of the vehicle. The same thing can happen to the air conditioner when it becomes so expensive to buy certain parts of the system. Purchasing a new AC looks like the best thing to do.

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