6 Common Reasons For Your Air Conditioner Odors

How would you feel after a long day at work and you come back home all sweaty and exhausted and in need of some good air over your skin and then you turn on the AC only for you to perceive an awful smell coming from the AC. The air conditioner odor might be so terrible that it causes you to turn off your AC. At this point, you’ll be wondering what may have caused such.

In this article, we will be disclosing six reasons why the Air Conditioner smells so bad and how best you can solve the problem. The smell from the Air Conditioner could be anything; it could smell like wet socks or maybe a smoky smell and on some occasions, it smells like something burning. Below is a shortlist of the possible air conditioning odor and what one can do in such a situation.

Types Of Air Conditioner Smell, Some Of The Causes And What Can Be Done To Take It Out

1. The AC Smells Like A Car’s Exhaust

It is very unlikely for an Air Conditioner to smell like a car exhaust since the air conditioner doesn’t have a combustion engine. The problem most times is that the air conditioner makes use of fluids and so when it gets heated it could smell like exhaust fumes. This usually occurs when there is a leakage in your refrigerant line. This may affect the performance of the air conditioner.

Call a professional to help fix the leaks. A leak can be really dangerous so prompt fixing is very important. You can reduce the smell in the meantime by opening up the windows and ensure proper ventilation in the home. This takes out the bad smell and prevents any form of hazardous attacks.

2. AC Smells Like Something Is On Fire

The air conditioner is made up of a lot of electrical components. It has circuit wires, fans, and compressors, etc. If the AC smells like burning gun powder or maybe plastic, then it means that one of the so many plastic components in the system is burning. Whenever this is noticed, it is advised that you turn off your air conditioner and consult a local professional to fix it.

You are advised not to try to fix this problem yourself. Sometimes, this smell may be caused when the dust settles on the unit due to the AC not been used for a long while. This dust may usually burn off and lead to an awful smell. This smell may go out after a while but when it remains for a long time, you must turn off the AC and ask a professional to fix it.

3. The AC Smells Like Rotten Eggs Or A Dead Animal

This usually occurs when there are dead rodents or critters which got stuck in the air conditioner. The smell is usually from either a dead bird or insects that found their way into the duct and then got trapped. When they die, they rotten and the odor comes out as soon as you turn on the air conditioner.

To prevent lizards or other rodents from walking through the duct and finding their way into the ac unit, it is best you pest-proof your unit to avoid nasty scenarios and prevent your AC from bringing out awful air. What you can do in this situation is to locate the duct where the smell is more offensive. Screw it open and then wipe dry after you have taken out the dead carcass.

4. The AC Smells Like A Cigarette Smoke

Your home will likely have a cigarette smell when you smoke often. The cigarette smoke usually ends up in the filter and the evaporator coil. When the Ac is turned on, the embedded tobacco particles float around the house leading to this foul smell. To remove the foul smell from the AC vents you can change the air filter once after 30 or 60 days and regularly clean the AC. Smoking outside is also advised.

5. The AC Smells Like A Gas Leakage

This remains one of the most alarming smells on this list. Gas leakage isn’t to be taken lightly, it usually indicates that there is a leakage of gas in the system, most times. Methyl Mercaptan is added to odorless natural gas to give it a distinctive odor. This makes detection easy to prevent any serious harm that may be caused by it. Once this smell is noticed quickly turn off your gas supply and consult a professional to help fix the problem.

6. AC Odor Has A Moldy Or A Musty Smell

Sometimes, you might experience some foul smell from your AC which may be musty. When this happens it usually indicates that there is an accumulation of water in the drain pan or the drip lines. This causes the accumulation of fungus or mildew.

In most cases of water accumulating you might see this as water dripping down your wall. Some other times, this may be caused by using very bad filters. Living in a humid environment, water may accumulate in the filters. You could contact a professional cleaner to thoroughly clean the ducts and AC lines.

In conclusion, the bad smells in your home may be due to certain factors as already mentioned and proper cleaning and maintenance of the AC might help to reduce it. Ensure prompt repair of these machines and try not to cover the smell using air fresheners or purifiers.

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